About Wineport

Wineport is the outcome of the experiences we made working both in the domestic wine market as well as abroad. The diversity of the European wine regions is phenomenal. The amount of talented winemakers out there is simply astonishing. But, most of them never make it onto the international stage and very few customers will come to the delight of enjoying their products.

Why is that?

The answer is pretty easy. For many producers, there is simply no way to gain the attention of international customers due to lack of time, resources and probably also language skills. That, in many cases, limits the perception of the broad audience to a small amount of well-established brands. But there is another side to the wine market, the Enthusiasts. Every „maturing“ wine-market creates a growing number of them. They are past buying big names, they look for the excitement of trying something new and taking a peak beyond the mainstream.

If this is your audience, we should talk!

Wineport believes in the diversity of the wine market. Wineport believes in the small and medium-sized wine merchants. Wineport is for those whose purchasing department is themselves.
Tell us what you look out for, we’ll find it for you.

The right product, at the right price, from the right producer.
Individual products with interesting stories from actual people.